Dreading your costume party?

Dreading your costume party?

So you’ve been invited to a costume party and you’re thinking one of 3 things:

1.    ‘After the cost of purchasing a gift, alcohol, cab etc I can’t possibly fathom being able to afford a really good costume’

2.    ‘I really just don’t like dressing up ’

3.    ‘Woohoo can’t wait to get a costume!’

So for those of you out there that relate to numbers 1 and 2, I’ll let you in on a little secret…You don’t have to spend a bomb, or even dress up like a character from The Wizard of Oz to have a good time. There are so many diverse costumes available at Costume Corner that will keep the effort and cost to a minimum.

Here’s a bunch of my favourites that all fall under the bargain price of only $35!!

T-birds or Pink Ladies Jackets

So incredibly simple, cool enough for those hot summer nights but still a great option for the middle of winter. All you need is a plain black or white shirt and jeans for the fellas and a pair of leggings and a black singlet for the girls! These jackets are only $25 to hire and will include a few added accessories for the girls (scarf and glasses).Of course you can elaborate and add all the bells and whistles to these costumes if you want, but if you’re in need of something simple and easy- these will do the trick.


Top Gun Bomber Jacket

This Jacket is the epitome of cool! Even if you’re not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, it’s hard to not love the movie ‘Top Gun’ and the renowned Tom Cat Bomber Jacket that appeared in the movie. Again, a simple white shirt and blue jeans are all that are needed to complete this costume. A mere $35 will get you the licensed Jacket, Dog tags and Aviator Glasses for your next function.

Hire this costume here


1920’s Male/ Female

When in doubt, accessorise! 1920’s is one of those themes that allow people to control their budget easily but also transform their standard wardrobe items into complete costumes.

Girls at home can pick a simple dress from their wardrobe and add from our hire range, a pair of evening length gloves  ($5), a flapper headband ($5), a feather boa ($5), a couple strands of pearls($2 each) and then purchase some fishnet stockings($6) and a Cigarette Holder (4) then 'Bobs your Uncle',you’ve been completely transformed into a 1920’s flapper.  

For the Men, 1920’s costumes are equally as easy to master on a budget. Either utilizing their own suit or work pants they can add a Boater or Fedora hat ($10), Vest ($15) or Braces ($5), Bow tie ($5), Gangster Spats ($5) and you’ve got a wannabe Al Capone.


Cruella Deville

This villainess character is so easily recognizable and particularly nice for those cooler winter nights. Our Dalmatian spotted cape and Cruella Wig are all you need to make yourself recognizable. Pop these items on with a black, white or red dress and you’ve transformed into a wicked but truly loved Disney character.


Little Red Riding Hood

Hire our absolutely magnificent Red Hooded Cape for $30 or purchase our quick and cheap Red Riding Hood cape for only $16. Either way, pair it with a nice dress and a basket to complete your costume.


Darth Vader

It’s the mask that truly matters when it comes to the Darth Vader costume. Combine this with one of our long black capes and you will cheaply succeed in becoming the Dark Lord of the Sith.


Hugh Heffner

This burgundy velvet smoking jacket can be styled with a pair of black pants and a white business shirt for either an Art Deco look or the famous Mr. Playboy himself- Hugh Hefner. Add a wooden pipe and you’ll have a cheap, easy and comfortable costume!


Card costume

Great for Casino, Disney and Storybook themed parties, this $10 costume is as easy as it gets.  This costume is ultimately a foam sandwich board that sits over your own clothing. It is the epitome of comfort and oh so cheap!


So there you have it- costumes aren’t all that scary and you can quite easily stick to a tight budget. I could blab on and on about the countless easy and cheap options we offer here at Costume Corner, so come and visit us in store for further relaxed costume options!