Ideas List- Australian Themed

Ideas List- Australian Themed

For a country that has such a rich history filled with many famous and well known identities, it can still be quite difficult to come up with original and engaging costume ideas, but we are going to make it easy for you.

The most important thing to remember is to make your costume recognisable.  It might be your dream to look like Elle McPherson however to make a costume that convey’s to the other party goers that ‘Sarah has come dressed as Elle McPerson’ could be rather difficult. There are however, many Australian celebrities that are known for specific costumes including Chris Hemsworth who is well known for his portrayal of Thor and Margot Robbie for her portrayal of Harlequin in the 2017 movie ‘Suicide Squad’. Many films have also been created in Australia and have some very exciting costume options including ‘The Great Gatsby’and ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’. Costume Corner is even lucky enough to have been founded by the costume designer of ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’, Judith Dawsman and have many of the original costume items still available in store.  The below list is a great starting point for those of you that are struggling for ideas. Please keep in mind that whilst we are still adding costumes to our website for this specific theme, we recommend a visit to our store to view the full range of Australian costumes.


Check out a few of our suggestions below:

Banana’s in Pyjamas

Blinky Bill

Blue Heelers

Boxing Kangaroo

Captain Cook

Chopper Reed

Chris Hemsworth- Thor


Cricketers- Chapple + Hughes

Crocodile Hunter

Dame Edna

Early Settler

Eric Banner- The Hulk

Essie Davis -“Mrs Fishers Murder Mystery’s”

Happy Feet

H20 Just add water- Mermaids

Heather Ledger- The Joker

Hugh Jackman- The Greatest Showman, Australia, Wolverine

Iggy Azalea

Irwin Family- Steve, Bindie, Terry, Rob

John Travolta- Grease, Saturday Night fever


Kath and Kim


Kylie Minogue

Life Saver

Love Child

Margo Robbie- Harlequin

Mary McKillop

Molly Meldrum

Muriel’s wedding

Nancy Bird- Walton - Female Pilot

Ned Kelly

Nicole Kidmen- Australia, Moulin Rouge

Olivia Newton John- Grease, Let’s Get Physical

Pauline Hanson


Picnic at Hanging Rock

Pricilla Queen of the Dessert

Prime Ministers: Bob Hawk, John Howard, Kevin Rudd etc

Shane Warne

Strictly Ballroom

Summer Heights High

The Great Gatsby

The Paul Hogan Show

The Sapphires

Underbelly- Razor

Wolf Creek

WWI and WW2- Army, Nurse, Navy etc