Themes we love to hate

Themes we love to hate

Some party themes are exciting and others are downright difficult. Surprisingly it is often the most popular themes that cause your guests to fret over what they are going to wear. Here’s a few we love and hate (or maybe love to hate).

3 themes we absolutely LOVE!!!!

Around the World

Why we love it:

This theme has enough diversity to allow a few clever options for those who like to think outside the square but is still restrictive enough for those guests who have difficulty with thinking of ideas or making decisions. This theme allows for all manner of costume styles meaning that the theme suits all different body types and is appropriate for all age groups and budgets.



Why we love it:

You can spend a little or a lot and still come up looking a million bucks when doing a 1920’s theme. It allows girls to get all glammed up and the boys don’t need to put in too much effort if they don’t want to. Because of its current popularity Costume Corner has an extensive range of costumes and accessories that are appropriate for most age groups.


Alphabet Theme

Why we love it:

This theme is great, provided you select a good letter.  Avoid the more limiting letters and you’re sure to have some very creative costumes at your Alphabet themed party. This theme will also allow people to select costumes suited to their budget, age, weather and personal preferences as most letters will provide an array of characters, humorous possibilities and even some easy choices all wrapped up in one amazing party theme.


Themes that tend to frustrate us and our clients:

Under the Sea

It’s a very narrow theme that doesn’t allow for many people to select items from their own wardrobe. Whilst many people can get creative with some streamers and fishing nets it doesn’t allow for customers to select from a large variety of easy and comfortable costume possibilities. Being stuck in a mermaid tail or octopus onesie all night can be quite tedious. 

You can counteract this though by broadening the theme so that your guests have a larger range of costumes that they can select from. Themes such as ‘Nautical’  or ‘Sail the Seven Seas’ will allow your guest to include costume possibilities such as pirates, life savers and naval officers- rather than the limited version of just mermaids, sea animals and Greek Gods.

Super Hero’s

Great for guys but super limited for us females and also pretty uncomfortable for those of us who are not models. Most Superhero’s consist of form fitting, stretch fabrics and if females wish to be true to the comic strips, lots of cleavage! So once again if you broaden this theme out to be something like ‘Heroes and Villains’ you allow your guests to include your standard heroes i.e.  Doctors, Nurses, Robin Hood, Joan of Arc as well as allowing them to select from Villains. These costumes are often a lot more comfortable and will allow them to select a costume that suits their body type and match their budget.



I know I know, you’re all thinking WHHHAT? It is a fantastic theme and is nice and broad and allows for a multiple of age groups and costume options…. However when a customer with this theme enters the store our usual conversation begins as follows:

“Hi! I have a party to go to and the theme is Hollywood. What can I go as?”

And usually they will be met with the scary reality when we say

“Anything in this entire store”

I see their eyes wonder over our vast racks of costumes that span 2 different levels and the colour drains from their face.  And I completely understand it! Our store is overwhelming even when you have a 1980’s theme let alone when your theme covers the entire store.  So once again simple re wording can still keep the same theme but make it a little bit less daunting for your guests.  Try themes such as ‘Blockbusters’ or ‘Movie character from the era you were born’. These themes will lower the amount of options that they can select from but still allow a large range of diversity to occur.