What to consider when picking your party theme

What to consider when picking your party theme

The amount of times I hear the words ‘why have they picked that theme’ escape from our customers mouths is countless. It is usually due to the customers having no desire to dress in that theme or more commonly that it is a narrow or quite costly theme option. Whilst you ultimately get to choose a theme that suits you and what you want, it is still quite important to factor in all the elements to ensure that the entire event is going to be a fun, easy and stress free.

So what are the things I should consider before selecting my theme?

When is my function going to be?

You certainly do not what to be having a Hawaiian themed party in the dead of winter or a medieval function in the scorching hot summer- It’s not practical or comfortable.  So keep in mind the time of year that you are holding your function and be sure that your costumes will suit the weather.

Where is your function going to be held?

Indoors or outdoors? In a paddock or at a function centre? You will find people are more likely to relax and enjoy themselves if they are not worrying about their clothes getting ruined or feeling out of place.  For example if you intend to have your function in a paddock, make sure women can wear a flatter shoe option and the outfit options don’t purely consist of metre long trains and delicate fabrics. For more prestigious locations such as hotel ballrooms and function centres, be sure your guests are going to be comfortable walking into this venue and also that the function centre dress code does not conflict with your theme.  I’m sure you will all have a blast dressed up in your ‘Trailer Trash’ costumes however; some venues may not feel it is appropriate.

Who are you going to invite?

What sort of people are going to be there? Are they outrageous and flamboyant or are they a little bit more reserved when it comes to the world of dressing up? Keep this in mind when selecting your theme so that your guests are comfortable and will let their hair down rather than fiddling with the costume that doesn’t suit their personality. I’m just imagining a room filled with shy and reserved individuals all dressed up as characters from Pricilla Queen of the Desert.

What Budget are your guests going to be working with?

Are a lot of your friends Uni students or have a lot of your friends just started having kids? The lifestyle of your guests will greatly affect how much they will be able to spend. It can be so confronting to be invited to a function that you feel you won’t be able to attend because you can’t afford it.  Think of themes that allow them to wear items they already own and can just add bits and piece to complete their costume. Rather them having to hire or purchase a completely new costume.

What age group will be attending?

Whilst I would absolutely love to have a party that I could theme ‘Vintage Movie Musicals’ because there is no denying that Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day rock,  I am quite sure that most of my other 25 yr old friends do not share my love for 1950’s and 60’s musicals. So when selecting a theme I try really hard to make sure the rest of my friends will also enjoy the theme as much as I will. This will mean that their excitement will match my own but also make the costume search process that much easier. It’s also important to keep in mind the appropriateness of costume as well. We have a lot of 50 year old ladies dreading their upcoming burlesque costume party because they don’t want to have to wear a corset (luckily for them we are very clever here at Costume Corner and have some very nice, age appropriate options for this theme) never the less, it can be quite discouraging.

How many people will be attending?

If you are having a large number of people attending you want to be sure that your theme covers a diverse range of options to ensure that there aren’t numerous double ups. Not that everyone would mind however, most people want to feel that they have been clever in their costume selection and that can be quite hard when a theme is narrow or limited.

And finally-

What do you want the party theme to be?

Don’t forget to include your likes and dislikes into your theme making decision. The party will only be a hit if you dress up, so make sure it’s a theme that you would be happy wearing a costume to match. I feel so sorry for my customers when they come back from a party and say the host barely dressed up. After they have spent so much time searching, preparing and going to an effort to arrange an appropriate costume, they feel hurt and a little bit insulted that you wanted a theme but couldn’t be bothered.

There you have it-7 questions that should be asked when deciding on a party theme.