<![CDATA[Site]]> https://www.costumecorner.com.au/news/ Sat, 20 Apr 2019 05:03:24 GMT Sat, 20 Apr 2019 05:03:24 GMT LemonStand <![CDATA[Ideas List- Australian Themed]]> https://www.costumecorner.com.au/news/postideas-list-australian-themed https://www.costumecorner.com.au/news/postideas-list-australian-themed Tue, 16 Jan 2018 00:00:00 GMT For a country that has such a rich history filled with many famous and well known identities, it can still be quite difficult to come up with original and engaging costume ideas, but we are going to make it easy for you.

The most important thing to remember is to make your costume recognisable.  It might be your dream to look like Elle McPherson however to make a costume that convey’s to the other party goers that ‘Sarah has come dressed as Elle McPerson’ could be rather difficult. There are however, many Australian celebrities that are known for specific costumes including Chris Hemsworth who is well known for his portrayal of Thor and Margot Robbie for her portrayal of Harlequin in the 2017 movie ‘Suicide Squad’. Many films have also been created in Australia and have some very exciting costume options including ‘The Great Gatsby’and ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’. Costume Corner is even lucky enough to have been founded by the costume designer of ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’, Judith Dawsman and have many of the original costume items still available in store.  The below list is a great starting point for those of you that are struggling for ideas. Please keep in mind that whilst we are still adding costumes to our website for this specific theme, we recommend a visit to our store to view the full range of Australian costumes.


Check out a few of our suggestions below:

Banana’s in Pyjamas

Blinky Bill

Blue Heelers

Boxing Kangaroo

Captain Cook

Chopper Reed

Chris Hemsworth- Thor


Cricketers- Chapple + Hughes

Crocodile Hunter

Dame Edna

Early Settler

Eric Banner- The Hulk

Essie Davis -“Mrs Fishers Murder Mystery’s”

Happy Feet

H20 Just add water- Mermaids

Heather Ledger- The Joker

Hugh Jackman- The Greatest Showman, Australia, Wolverine

Iggy Azalea

Irwin Family- Steve, Bindie, Terry, Rob

John Travolta- Grease, Saturday Night fever


Kath and Kim


Kylie Minogue

Life Saver

Love Child

Margo Robbie- Harlequin

Mary McKillop

Molly Meldrum

Muriel’s wedding

Nancy Bird- Walton - Female Pilot

Ned Kelly

Nicole Kidmen- Australia, Moulin Rouge

Olivia Newton John- Grease, Let’s Get Physical

Pauline Hanson


Picnic at Hanging Rock

Pricilla Queen of the Dessert

Prime Ministers: Bob Hawk, John Howard, Kevin Rudd etc

Shane Warne

Strictly Ballroom

Summer Heights High

The Great Gatsby

The Paul Hogan Show

The Sapphires

Underbelly- Razor

Wolf Creek

WWI and WW2- Army, Nurse, Navy etc

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<![CDATA[Themes we love to hate]]> https://www.costumecorner.com.au/news/postthemes-we-love-to-hate https://www.costumecorner.com.au/news/postthemes-we-love-to-hate Thu, 28 Apr 2016 00:00:00 GMT Some party themes are exciting and others are downright difficult. Surprisingly it is often the most popular themes that cause your guests to fret over what they are going to wear. Here’s a few we love and hate (or maybe love to hate).

3 themes we absolutely LOVE!!!!

Around the World

Why we love it:

This theme has enough diversity to allow a few clever options for those who like to think outside the square but is still restrictive enough for those guests who have difficulty with thinking of ideas or making decisions. This theme allows for all manner of costume styles meaning that the theme suits all different body types and is appropriate for all age groups and budgets.



Why we love it:

You can spend a little or a lot and still come up looking a million bucks when doing a 1920’s theme. It allows girls to get all glammed up and the boys don’t need to put in too much effort if they don’t want to. Because of its current popularity Costume Corner has an extensive range of costumes and accessories that are appropriate for most age groups.


Alphabet Theme

Why we love it:

This theme is great, provided you select a good letter.  Avoid the more limiting letters and you’re sure to have some very creative costumes at your Alphabet themed party. This theme will also allow people to select costumes suited to their budget, age, weather and personal preferences as most letters will provide an array of characters, humorous possibilities and even some easy choices all wrapped up in one amazing party theme.


Themes that tend to frustrate us and our clients:

Under the Sea

It’s a very narrow theme that doesn’t allow for many people to select items from their own wardrobe. Whilst many people can get creative with some streamers and fishing nets it doesn’t allow for customers to select from a large variety of easy and comfortable costume possibilities. Being stuck in a mermaid tail or octopus onesie all night can be quite tedious. 

You can counteract this though by broadening the theme so that your guests have a larger range of costumes that they can select from. Themes such as ‘Nautical’  or ‘Sail the Seven Seas’ will allow your guest to include costume possibilities such as pirates, life savers and naval officers- rather than the limited version of just mermaids, sea animals and Greek Gods.

Super Hero’s

Great for guys but super limited for us females and also pretty uncomfortable for those of us who are not models. Most Superhero’s consist of form fitting, stretch fabrics and if females wish to be true to the comic strips, lots of cleavage! So once again if you broaden this theme out to be something like ‘Heroes and Villains’ you allow your guests to include your standard heroes i.e.  Doctors, Nurses, Robin Hood, Joan of Arc as well as allowing them to select from Villains. These costumes are often a lot more comfortable and will allow them to select a costume that suits their body type and match their budget.



I know I know, you’re all thinking WHHHAT? It is a fantastic theme and is nice and broad and allows for a multiple of age groups and costume options…. However when a customer with this theme enters the store our usual conversation begins as follows:

“Hi! I have a party to go to and the theme is Hollywood. What can I go as?”

And usually they will be met with the scary reality when we say

“Anything in this entire store”

I see their eyes wonder over our vast racks of costumes that span 2 different levels and the colour drains from their face.  And I completely understand it! Our store is overwhelming even when you have a 1980’s theme let alone when your theme covers the entire store.  So once again simple re wording can still keep the same theme but make it a little bit less daunting for your guests.  Try themes such as ‘Blockbusters’ or ‘Movie character from the era you were born’. These themes will lower the amount of options that they can select from but still allow a large range of diversity to occur.





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<![CDATA[Dreading your costume party?]]> https://www.costumecorner.com.au/news/postdreading-your-costume-party https://www.costumecorner.com.au/news/postdreading-your-costume-party Thu, 28 Apr 2016 00:00:00 GMT So you’ve been invited to a costume party and you’re thinking one of 3 things:

1.    ‘After the cost of purchasing a gift, alcohol, cab etc I can’t possibly fathom being able to afford a really good costume’

2.    ‘I really just don’t like dressing up ’

3.    ‘Woohoo can’t wait to get a costume!’

So for those of you out there that relate to numbers 1 and 2, I’ll let you in on a little secret…You don’t have to spend a bomb, or even dress up like a character from The Wizard of Oz to have a good time. There are so many diverse costumes available at Costume Corner that will keep the effort and cost to a minimum.

Here’s a bunch of my favourites that all fall under the bargain price of only $35!!

T-birds or Pink Ladies Jackets

So incredibly simple, cool enough for those hot summer nights but still a great option for the middle of winter. All you need is a plain black or white shirt and jeans for the fellas and a pair of leggings and a black singlet for the girls! These jackets are only $25 to hire and will include a few added accessories for the girls (scarf and glasses).Of course you can elaborate and add all the bells and whistles to these costumes if you want, but if you’re in need of something simple and easy- these will do the trick.


Top Gun Bomber Jacket

This Jacket is the epitome of cool! Even if you’re not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, it’s hard to not love the movie ‘Top Gun’ and the renowned Tom Cat Bomber Jacket that appeared in the movie. Again, a simple white shirt and blue jeans are all that are needed to complete this costume. A mere $35 will get you the licensed Jacket, Dog tags and Aviator Glasses for your next function.

Hire this costume here


1920’s Male/ Female

When in doubt, accessorise! 1920’s is one of those themes that allow people to control their budget easily but also transform their standard wardrobe items into complete costumes.

Girls at home can pick a simple dress from their wardrobe and add from our hire range, a pair of evening length gloves  ($5), a flapper headband ($5), a feather boa ($5), a couple strands of pearls($2 each) and then purchase some fishnet stockings($6) and a Cigarette Holder (4) then 'Bobs your Uncle',you’ve been completely transformed into a 1920’s flapper.  

For the Men, 1920’s costumes are equally as easy to master on a budget. Either utilizing their own suit or work pants they can add a Boater or Fedora hat ($10), Vest ($15) or Braces ($5), Bow tie ($5), Gangster Spats ($5) and you’ve got a wannabe Al Capone.


Cruella Deville

This villainess character is so easily recognizable and particularly nice for those cooler winter nights. Our Dalmatian spotted cape and Cruella Wig are all you need to make yourself recognizable. Pop these items on with a black, white or red dress and you’ve transformed into a wicked but truly loved Disney character.


Little Red Riding Hood

Hire our absolutely magnificent Red Hooded Cape for $30 or purchase our quick and cheap Red Riding Hood cape for only $16. Either way, pair it with a nice dress and a basket to complete your costume.


Darth Vader

It’s the mask that truly matters when it comes to the Darth Vader costume. Combine this with one of our long black capes and you will cheaply succeed in becoming the Dark Lord of the Sith.


Hugh Heffner

This burgundy velvet smoking jacket can be styled with a pair of black pants and a white business shirt for either an Art Deco look or the famous Mr. Playboy himself- Hugh Hefner. Add a wooden pipe and you’ll have a cheap, easy and comfortable costume!


Card costume

Great for Casino, Disney and Storybook themed parties, this $10 costume is as easy as it gets.  This costume is ultimately a foam sandwich board that sits over your own clothing. It is the epitome of comfort and oh so cheap!


So there you have it- costumes aren’t all that scary and you can quite easily stick to a tight budget. I could blab on and on about the countless easy and cheap options we offer here at Costume Corner, so come and visit us in store for further relaxed costume options!

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<![CDATA[What to consider when picking your party theme]]> https://www.costumecorner.com.au/news/postwhat-to-consider-when-picking-your-party-theme https://www.costumecorner.com.au/news/postwhat-to-consider-when-picking-your-party-theme Fri, 22 Apr 2016 00:00:00 GMT The amount of times I hear the words ‘why have they picked that theme’ escape from our customers mouths is countless. It is usually due to the customers having no desire to dress in that theme or more commonly that it is a narrow or quite costly theme option. Whilst you ultimately get to choose a theme that suits you and what you want, it is still quite important to factor in all the elements to ensure that the entire event is going to be a fun, easy and stress free.

So what are the things I should consider before selecting my theme?

When is my function going to be?

You certainly do not what to be having a Hawaiian themed party in the dead of winter or a medieval function in the scorching hot summer- It’s not practical or comfortable.  So keep in mind the time of year that you are holding your function and be sure that your costumes will suit the weather.

Where is your function going to be held?

Indoors or outdoors? In a paddock or at a function centre? You will find people are more likely to relax and enjoy themselves if they are not worrying about their clothes getting ruined or feeling out of place.  For example if you intend to have your function in a paddock, make sure women can wear a flatter shoe option and the outfit options don’t purely consist of metre long trains and delicate fabrics. For more prestigious locations such as hotel ballrooms and function centres, be sure your guests are going to be comfortable walking into this venue and also that the function centre dress code does not conflict with your theme.  I’m sure you will all have a blast dressed up in your ‘Trailer Trash’ costumes however; some venues may not feel it is appropriate.

Who are you going to invite?

What sort of people are going to be there? Are they outrageous and flamboyant or are they a little bit more reserved when it comes to the world of dressing up? Keep this in mind when selecting your theme so that your guests are comfortable and will let their hair down rather than fiddling with the costume that doesn’t suit their personality. I’m just imagining a room filled with shy and reserved individuals all dressed up as characters from Pricilla Queen of the Desert.

What Budget are your guests going to be working with?

Are a lot of your friends Uni students or have a lot of your friends just started having kids? The lifestyle of your guests will greatly affect how much they will be able to spend. It can be so confronting to be invited to a function that you feel you won’t be able to attend because you can’t afford it.  Think of themes that allow them to wear items they already own and can just add bits and piece to complete their costume. Rather them having to hire or purchase a completely new costume.

What age group will be attending?

Whilst I would absolutely love to have a party that I could theme ‘Vintage Movie Musicals’ because there is no denying that Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day rock,  I am quite sure that most of my other 25 yr old friends do not share my love for 1950’s and 60’s musicals. So when selecting a theme I try really hard to make sure the rest of my friends will also enjoy the theme as much as I will. This will mean that their excitement will match my own but also make the costume search process that much easier. It’s also important to keep in mind the appropriateness of costume as well. We have a lot of 50 year old ladies dreading their upcoming burlesque costume party because they don’t want to have to wear a corset (luckily for them we are very clever here at Costume Corner and have some very nice, age appropriate options for this theme) never the less, it can be quite discouraging.

How many people will be attending?

If you are having a large number of people attending you want to be sure that your theme covers a diverse range of options to ensure that there aren’t numerous double ups. Not that everyone would mind however, most people want to feel that they have been clever in their costume selection and that can be quite hard when a theme is narrow or limited.

And finally-

What do you want the party theme to be?

Don’t forget to include your likes and dislikes into your theme making decision. The party will only be a hit if you dress up, so make sure it’s a theme that you would be happy wearing a costume to match. I feel so sorry for my customers when they come back from a party and say the host barely dressed up. After they have spent so much time searching, preparing and going to an effort to arrange an appropriate costume, they feel hurt and a little bit insulted that you wanted a theme but couldn’t be bothered.

There you have it-7 questions that should be asked when deciding on a party theme.

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