Buy and Hire Costumes Online

We all know that finding a costume can be a stressful task at the best of times and the added pressure of trying to arrange it into your busy work and home schedules makes it near impossible to feel excited or creative. Typically this means you’re left searching through the low quality, cliché costumes available from most online retailers because that’s all you’ve got time for. At Costume Corner we want you to look and feel absolutely fabulous, in high quality yet reasonably priced costumes, whilst being able to arrange it all from the comfort of your own home or work station. Simply browse through our extensive range and select your costume. We can ship it to you or you can collect in store- it’s completely up to you! We have an enormous range of costumes and merchandise to select from with specific attention to the following:

  • Vintage clothing
  • Children's costume
  • Adult costume
  • Teen costume
  • Wig Hire and Purchase
  • Accessory Hire and Purchase
  • Special Effects Make up

 For further details regarding hire and purchasing online please visit our FAQ section


Costume Alteration

There is one thing you don’t get when you purchase a costume and that is a perfect fit. The costumes often don’t sit right in the waist, pants are often too long or they are not designed to fit the majority of us that are one size on the top and another on the bottom. Here at Costume Corner we are able to alter costumes to fit you and your requirements, resulting in a more flattering and practical costume. Alterations can be made on most of our hire items however this is subject to the suitability of fabrics and is priced based on the extent of work required in both completion and removal of alterations. Please check with our friendly staff for a quote on altering your Costume Corner hire costume.


Theatrical Hire

It’s always difficult finding the correct outfit for a cast member; you’re normally faced with a diversely shaped cast, strict colour pallets, historical accuracy and an unyielding budget to conform to. At Costume Corner we can work with you to select costumes for your upcoming production and offer extreme discounts when hiring large quantities of our stock. Our range includes enormous amounts of authentic and replica vintage items as well as those one off creations perfect for pantomimes and cameo roles. Browse online and select your favourites or come in store to see our complete range knowing that assistance will be provided to all those who require it. Costume Corner also provides a one off 3 day (free of charge) fitting that allows you to take your costumes to try on your cast prior to locking in your reservation. For more information regarding theatrical hire please get in touch.

*Appointments are required for all theatre based orders. Please contact us here to make a booking.


Costume Styling

We provide complimentary Costume Styling for all customers visiting us in store, whether you are a complete costume novice or require something extra special, we will be sure to construct a fabulous costume that is both precise and imaginative. Costume Styling is not compulsory, in fact we love it when customers visit us to play, create and select their own costume however; for those who need extra attention, the Costume Corner staff are pro’s in the area of all things extraordinary.


Wig Styling

Like one of our wigs but it’s not the quite the correct style that you searching for? Or have you bought a wig from somewhere else and you’re not happy with its shape or length? Then Wig Setting (styling) is the trick for you. Our resident Wig Master can wield magic to transform a basic wig into a completely different style. May it be a French roll, pig tails, curls, straightening or some 1940’s victory rolls we can certainly help you transform your wig into a complimentary style. Wig Setting is subject to the suitability of the wig and is priced based on the extent of work required in both completion and removal of wig sets. Please check with our friendly staff for a quote on setting your wig.
*Please note hire wigs cannot be cut


Accessory and Prop Hire

Need a walking cane, evening gloves or top hat? Costume Corner has an enormous range of costume accessories and props that range between $2 and $30 to hire individually. These items can be hired separately or added to complete a costume. Some examples of accessories and props available for hire from Costume Corner include:

  • Gloves - Evening Gloves, Day Gloves, Satin Gloves, Leather Gloves
  • Headwear - Hats, Showgirl Headpieces, Flapper Headbands, Indian Headdress
  • Footwear - Platform Boots, Flapper Shoes, Men’s Platforms, Cinderella Shoes, Ruby Slippers
  • Wigs - Period, Character, Era Specific, Afros, Mullets
  • Belts - Army, Indian, Pirate, 1960’s
  • Jewellery - Beads, Bangles, Tiaras, Chains
  • Wings - Fairy Wings, Angel Wings, Beetle Wings, Butterfly Wings
  • Masquerade Masks - Metal Masks, Plaster Masks, Felt Masks, Hand Held Masks, Tie On Masks
  • Props - Guns, Holsters, Swords, Canes, Violin cases, Parasols, Witches Broomsticks, Shields

If you are in search of something specific, please contact us.


Special Effects make up

What a difference it makes to a costume by adding a bit of make up to complete it. You can transform any flowing dress from a Greek Goddess into a pixie or a hippy vest into a rock star. All it takes is a bit of knowhow and the right products (which can be easily found at Costume Corner). We stock a large range of make-up and special effects products that vary in both price and quality sure to suit everyone’s individual requirements. We can also place orders for make-up products that we do not currently stock, so just let us know what you’re looking for and we can source it for you. Keep an eye on our News page for tutorials on how to apply some of our more complex products or visit us in store for step by step instructions. Costume Corner stocks the following make up items:

  • Face and Body Paint - Pancake, Liquid, Packs, Rainbow Cake
  • Special Effects Makeup - Liquid Latex, Collodion, Spirit Gum, Crepe Hair, Fake Blood, Bruise Wheels, Fake Scars
  • Glitter
  • Tattoos
  • Make Up Applicators - Sponge, Brush, Stipple Sponge
  • Teeth



Online Tutorials

We know how confusing it is when you’re at home trying to get ready and can’t understand how to put on your costume or style your hair and makeup to match. That’s why we are continually uploading new tutorials and information packed blogs that can help you prepare for your next function hassle free. Keep an eye on our news page for all latest thoughts, blogs and tutorials.


Easy Returns of Hire Costumes

The worst part about costume hire trying to sneak out during your work day to drop it back. That’s why we have made the return process super easy and pain free. Costume Corner is happy to arrange a courier to collect your costume from you, allowing you to spend those extra hours doing the things that really matter. We also have an After Hours Drop off Point that allows our customers to return their costumes 24/7! For further details regarding costume return please visit our FAQ section


Computerised Library System

We know our store is massive and can certainly be overwhelming for our customers when they first step into our store. To make the task easier, we continue to catalogue and photograph our enormous range to allow our customers to view the entire range on our in store Kiosk. Just like at a library, you can search, view, check the price and locate your costume with the click of a button. This is a continuing work in progress but we know how much our customers love having the ability to browse through our entire range.


Instant Chat with our Friendly staff

Struggling to find what you want or just had a quick question? Costume Corner’s instant chat allows you to speak directly with one of our staff members to help you with your costume venture.


Vintage Clothing Hire

For all the Fashionistas out there - We know how hard and expensive it is to buy vintage clothing items that you usually only wear to one or two functions. Why not hire it instead? Rather than spending a whopping $250 upwards on a vintage 1950’s prom dress check out our stunning range of authentic vintage dresses and hats that are priced at less than a quarter of the cost of purchasing a vintage garment.